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We believe different opinions lead to questioning the status quo. Which leads to creating better ideas. And that’s exactly how our Content/Production & Planning professionals operate. At ESPN, there’s a real commitment to excellence. And we know it’s our people who are the real highlight. With a job in Content/Production & Programming here, you’ll put your talents and expertise to work alongside the best and brightest in the business. You’ll help build on the success of a company that truly is a worldwide leader. And you’ll quickly see that we’ve reached this level because of our commitment to teamwork, quality, creativity, integrity and the pursuit of new ideas. Do you share those commitments? If so, join our team with a job in Content/Production & Programming today.
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Job Title Location Date
Sports Content ResearcherBristol, CT11/23/2014
Statistics Analyst IBristol, CT11/23/2014
Stats & Info Dream Internship at SLOAN Conference – ESPN Summer 2015Bristol, CT11/23/2014
Studio Producer I MLB College SportsBristol, CT11/23/2014
Transmission Systems Technician IIIBristol, CT11/23/2014
Vice President Stats & Information GroupBristol, CT11/23/2014
Part Time Associate OperatorCharlotte, NC11/23/2014
Production AssistantBristol, CT11/23/2014
Project Content EditorLos Angeles, CA11/23/2014
Project Production Assistant ESPN FilmsBristol, CT11/23/2014
Project Resource CoordinatorBristol, CT11/23/2014
Radio Producer I (Part Time)Coral Gables, FL11/23/2014
Recurring Associate Director ICharlotte, NC11/23/2014
Recurring Coordinating Studio OperatorCharlotte, NC11/23/2014
Recurring Remote Operations ProducerBristol, CT11/23/2014
Remote Communications Associate ManagerBristol, CT11/23/2014
Remote Operations ProducerBristol, CT11/23/2014
Remote Operations ProducerBristol, CT11/23/2014
Associate Director Affiliate ApplicationsBristol, CT11/23/2014
Associate Director Business DevelopmentNew York, NY11/23/2014
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What’s a job at ESPN like?

It’s a series of defining moments. An opportunity to experience greatness with every project, every meeting, every time you walk through the door. It’s a continuous challenge that can only be overcome by those with the drive to be successful. At ESPN, you have to want it, because others rely on you. The reward? Well, come see for yourself. Explore the culture, the careers and the meaning of achievement at ESPN.

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